Check Airtel Net Balance | Airtel USSD Codes to Check 3G/4G Internet Data

Airtel is India’s biggest Telecom Company with over 400 Million Subscribers. It is the world’s third-largest network in terms of subscribers and revenue. If you have landed on this page wanted then there is some issue you are facing with your Airtel Internet. Of course, here we are not going to deal with problems related to Airtel internet. Here we are going to give you Airtel USSD Codes and other ways to check Airtel Net Balance.

With these Airtel Shortcut Codes given in this article you can Check Airtel 2G Internet Balance, Airtel 3G Net Balance, Airtel 4G Data Balance and of course everything related to the internet. Want to get more information on offers & plans then please call Airtel Customer Care. If you have any query regarding your Airtel Dish Tv Connection? then call customer care.

Check Airtel Net Balance

Check Airtel Net Balance:

Most of the Data plans by Airtel is limited one’s i.e Internet balance with being on a daily basis or monthly basis.

Example: A Plan of Postpaid is for Rs 499. With these plans, you will get 20GB Data for one month time. Airtel New plan for prepaid users i.e. For Rs 199 you will get 1GB 4G data daily for 28 Days.

So depending on your Prepaid or Postpaid plan, you need to monitor the Airtel data usage regularly, in order to prevent extra charges.

If you are a postpaid user, you should be even more careful, as the Airtel Internet data after FUP will be costliest.

So guys, hope you got my point. Now it may be clear to you why to check Airtel Main Internet Balance.

Common Airtel USSD Codes for Airtel Balance Check

Airtel USSD Codes Function Airtel USSD Codes
Airtel Balance Check Ussd code *123#
Airtel Net Balance Check 3G/4G *123# reply with 1 or *123*8# or *123*11#
Airtel Net Balance Check 2G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*10# or *123*#
Airtel number check code *282# or *121*9#
Airtel special offers and rewards ussd codes *566#
Airtel balance transfer ussd codes *141# and then choose options
Airtel Loan Number codes *141*10#
Airtel Ussd codes Function Airtel Ussd codes
Airtel balance check codes *123#
Airtel Net Balance Check 2G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*10# or *123*#
Airtel Net Balance Check 3G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*8# or *123*11#
Airtel Net Balance check 4G Data *121*8#
Airtel Night Data Balance Check (Internet) ussd codes *123*197# reply with 1
Airtel Local SMS balance Check ussd codes *123*2# or *555#
Airtel DND Activation & Deactivation Ussd Codes 1909
Airtel Loan Number Ussd codes *141*10# or 52141
Airtel Offer Main Menu ussd codes *121#
Airtel Value Added Services ussd codes *121*4#
Airtel Last 5 Transactions ussd codes *121*7# reply with 1
Airtel to Airtel Minutes balance check ussd codes *123*1#
Airtel SMS Balance Check ussd codes *123*7#
Airtel STD Minutes Balance Check ussd codes *123*8#
Airtel balance transfer ussd codes *141# reply with 1
Airtel 3G Activation Sms 3G to 121
Airtel Special 5 Offers ussd codes *222#
Airtel Live Services ussd codes *321#
Airtel Free Facebook ussd codes *325# (Rs. 1 per day)
Airtel Twitter service ussd codes *515#
Airtel special offers and rewards ussd codes *566#
Airtel GPRS (Activation & Deactivation) Ussd codes *567#
Airtel Hello Tunes ussd codes *678#
Airtel Missed Call Alert Ussd codes *888#
Airtel Local National SMS packs Ussd codes *777#
Airtel number check Ussd code *282# or *121*9#
Airtel Menu Code  *121#
Airtel DND SMS START DND 0 to 1909
Airtel PORT SMS PORT <Your Number> to 1900

Check Airtel Data Balance [ 2G/3G/4G  Internet ]

Check Airtel Net Balance with Airtel App :

  • Simple and best way to check Airtel Internet Balance is using Airtel App.
  • Here is the link to download Airtel App on your Smart Phone.
  • After downloading the Airtel App on your phone, now install it ( takes not more than 2 minutes).
  • Sign up / Create an account and verify your Airtel Number.
  • Now you can check every information related to your Airtel number i.e Airtel recharge history, Airtel net balance, Main Call balance etc.

Airtel USSD Codes to Check Internet Balance:

Traditional Method to check Airtel data balance. Here we will provide all the Airtel USSD codes for checking internet balance i.e. 2G,3G,4G etc

Dial *121# and Enter 5. Within few seconds Airtel data balance will be displayed on your screen.

After going through a few forums I came across a question “How to Check Airtel Data Balance by SMS”.

Searched in many forums, blogs and even in airtel official site, but I didn’t get an answer for that. Anyway, once I get the information on checking data balance by SMS will update the article.

Hope we have covered all the information required to check Airtel Internet Balance. If we have missed out any important data, please do let me know in the comments section.

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