How to Block Andhra Bank ATM Card Debit or Credit Card

How to Block Andhra Bank ATM Card: Andhra Bank is one of the most trusted banks in India. It has its branches spread all across the country. Anyone who has an account with Andhra bank gets an ATM or Debit card. But, are you looking to find information on how to block Andhra Bank ATM card, the information contained in this post should be helpful enough for you.

If you are an Andhra bank customer and has lost your Andhra bank ATM card, debit card or credit card then you can instantly call the Andhra bank help desk number and request them to block your card by giving few details like your account number, date of birth, Mpin, ATM Pin details.

how to block andhra bank atm card

How to block the Andhra Bank Debit card?

There are several options you would want to block your Andhra Bank debit or ATM card. Let us check out a few options on how to block the Andhra Bank debit card.

Using Email

You can just send an email to the Andhra Bank customer care and request them for Andhra Bank ATM card block options. Do not forget stating your reasons and your banking credentials in your email.

Send your emails to Do note that the bank may call you on your registered number to confirm your request. Supply the requisite information, and your card should be blocked instantly.

Using SMS

Yet another excellent option to block your ATM card would be to use SMS service. If you are checking out the options on how to block Andhra bank debit card, you can send the SMS in the following format –

CARDBLOCK <SPACE> XXXX where XXXX corresponds to the last four digits of your account number. Send this SMS to the number 56161. Your card will be blocked instantly, and you will receive a confirmation message. Please note that you need to send the SMS from your registered mobile number.

How to Block Andhra Bank Credit Card

To block credit card from your registered mobile number you to send an SMS to 7836884400 in below format

To block lost credit card

Format: CARDLOST XXXX (where XXXX is last 4 digits of your credit card number)

Example: CARDLOST 1210 and send SMS to 7836884400

Request replacement of lost credit card by SMS

Format: LOSTREPL XXXX (XXXX is last 4 digits card number)

Example: LOSTREPL 1210 and SMS to 7836884400

Extra thing, if you ever have any dispute of Transaction on your Andhra bank card then you can inform them by sending a Fax to 04024755052 or writing a letter to Andhra Bank, Credit Card division, Head Office, Koti, Hyderabad 500095.

Note: The best and fastest method is to block the atm card is by sending an SMS.

Calling Customer Care

If you are not comfortable with either of those options or not able to use them for any reason, calling the customer care for the purpose can be an excellent choice.

The customer care number for the Andhra Bank ATM card block is 18004251515. Choose the appropriate option from the IVRS and choose the option for the ATM card block. You would need to answer a few questions that you would use to identify yourself.

You also have access to other few options like net banking for blocking your debit card.

Choose any of the options featured here and get your card blocked instantly.

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