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Message Center Number for All Operators in India {Latest 2019}

Message Center Number: Are you looking for Airtel message centre number here you’re in the right place. We collected all major mobile network message centers numbers. Have a look once and find your mobile network SMS centers number.

As you know, SMS not sending problem can be very irritating. Some users don’t even have the idea that why SMS is not working properly. Some users even thinks that this may be a network issues and if they try to message after sometimes then they won’t face the issue but when they again try to send the message then they again face this issue and they get confused that why SMS is not working and everything else i.e. calls and internet is working fine.

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Message Center Number

What is the Message Center Number?

Message center number or SMSC number means network elements in the mobile telephone network. Its purpose is to store, forward, convert and deliver Short Message Service (SMS) messages. The main duty of an SMSC is to route SMS messages and regulate the process.

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Operator Message Center Number
Airtel SMS center number +919895051914
BSNL SMS center number +919440099997
Jio SMS center number +917010075009
Idea SMS center number +919847099996
Reliance SMS center number +919020000500
Tata Docomo SMS center number +919032055002
Telenor SMS center number +9084051550
Vodafone SMS center number +9846000040
Aircel SMS center number +919809099060

List of Airtel Message Center Numbers All States

States Message Center Number
Airtel Andhra Pradesh center number +91 9849087001
Airtel Arunachal Pradesh center number Coming Soon
Airtel Assam center number +91 98180230015
Airtel Bihar center number +91 9831029416
Airtel Chattisgarh center number +91 9845086020
Airtel Delhi center number +91 98100-51914
Airtel goa center number Coming Soon
Airtel Gujarat center number +91 9831029416
Airtel Haryana center number +91 9896051914
Airtel Himachal Pradesh center number Coming Soon
Airtel Jammu & Kashmir center number +91 845086007
Airtel Jharkhand center number +91 9845086020
Airtel Karnataka center number +91 9845086007
Airtel Kerala center number +91 9810051905
Airtel Madhya Pradesh center number +91 9845086020
Airtel Maharashtra center number +91 9898051916
Airtel Mumbai center number +91 9898051916
Airtel Kolkata center number +91 9845086007
Airtel Mizoram center number Coming Soon
Airtel Nagaland center number Coming Soon
Airtel Odisha center number +91 98180230015
Airtel Punjab center number +91 9815051914
Airtel Rajasthan center number +91 9898051914
Airtel Telangana center number +91 9849087001
Airtel Tamil Nadu center number +91 9898051914
Airtel West Bengal center number +91 9932029007
Airtel message center number UP East +91 7017075009
Airtel message center number UP West +91 7017075009

The Process to Fix Message Center Numbers

Steps to follow the changes in the service center number.

  • Click on Menu then open Message application.
  • Select the Message setting now you can see these screenshot.
  • Here Select Text message(SMS), Enter into it.
  • In this below Screenshot, Here click on SMS Service Center.
  • Now select your required operator and enter the number given above table.
  • Fine, all the required information now set, you finally solved your problem.

Final Words:

I hope we are provided all the information about loan ussd codes of Airtel, Idea, Jio, Vodafone, and Telenor. If you like our article, please share it with your friends and family friends and social media platforms. For more related articles keep visiting our Customer care number without fail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1 – What If I go to another state?

  • Ans – Normally, the issues don’t arise but if you are facing the issue then simply update airtel SMSC number according to state you are in.

Q2 – Will changing airtel SMSC number causes problems in calls or the internet?

  • Ans No.

Q3 – How long by message starts working after changing the SMSC number?

  • Ans – Instantly. You don’t need to even wait for a minute.

Q4 – My state center number is not mentioned above. What should I do?

  • Ans – In that case, you need to contact your operator customer care. They will guide you properly and give you the message center number.

Q5 – What if I accidentally entered the wrong message center number?

  • Ans – Your messages will stop sending and you will see “SMS send failed” error.

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