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Pan Card Download Online: If you are a native of India or a just visiting tourist, you had better know about and understand your PAN card and PAN card status.

Here follow some important details on the pan card and pan card status.

What is a PAN CARD?

Pan Card is an alphanumeric number that is issued in the form of a plastic card. The PAN card is about the size of a credit card. This PAN card looks just as snazzy as any old passport.

PAN is an acronym that truncates Permanent Account Number. This PAN card is issued out by the Income Tax Department of India and you can check your pan card status. PAN enables the ITD to link all your financial transactions. In simple layman’s term, this card identifies you with the tax department.

Having a PAN CARD is not mandatory, but it would be in your best interest to acquire one. In order to live well in most societies this day and age, you need to have currency to buy and sell. If you plan to visit or live in India and you intend to purchase goods or hold employment that will earn you income, then you must have a PAN CARD. Even if you want to open a bank account in India, you will need to have a PAN.

pan card download online

If your old school and you just don’t like banks, then you could always stuff and hide your rupees in the wall. Just kidding; keeping your rupees close is a good idea, but not that close. Put it this way, you will need a PAN card for pretty much any financial transaction you would want to make while present in the Republic of India. Even if you are a Non-Resident, you should still acquire one. Non-Residents will make financial transactions just the same as a Resident of India.

If you are physically breathing air in another country outside of India, do not decide to fly and then try to get your PAN within India. Get it before your footsteps off the plane and touches Indian soil.

Check your PAN card status

Get your PAN and PAN Card Status wherever you reside in the world. The process can be done from any computer anytime, even in your pajamas. In order to get this process going, you will need to apply for a new Permanent Account Number (PAN) from the Income Tax Department through our online Form 49A.

Here you can find the website:

In order to process the form, there is a charge of 49USD per individual applicant. For companies, the charge is higher, and a free quote will need to be requested.

You find links to can apply for a PAN card and check your PAN card status from these links:

Another website where you can track your pan card status is here:

Now you’ve done it; you put the PAN application through and missed all the important details. You are more than likely confused, scratching your head, wondering how long it will take to process this application and receive this small sized plastic PAN card.

Pan Card Download Online by PAN Number

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. An email with your unique reference number (COUPON Number) will be released to your inbox after the application submission is complete. This coupon will allow you to track the application process. The standard process time is 15 working days to receive the COUPON number. Wait a minute, a coupon number? Yeah, that is right you will receive a coupon, but it is not the kind of coupon you will keep in your grocery coupon binder. This coupon number is an easy way for you to see when your PAN has issued.

After you have received this coupon number, you should expect your awesome new government issued holographic PAN card to arrive within 15 more business days via snail mail delivery. I know you are all giddy about the hologram. You are probably even going to check the mailbox every day for the next 15 days, right? The anticipation of receiving an identity tracking mechanism from any localized or foreign government takes the cake. In a nutshell, the overall process to receive your PAN will consume around thirty working days of time.

There is no need to have a concern about sending your required documents to India. During the application process, you securely uploaded these documents. An office can be located in the UK and will process and submit your PAN card application to the Indian Tax Department and you can also check online your pan card status. The brilliance of our online service provides you with a quality and stress-free PAN application process.

Okay, lets back up for a moment to the time right before you uploaded your required documents. Are you back in time before you clicked the upload button? Great, I knew time travel was possible. Being a good doodle again, for crying out loud. There would be no fun in reading without it. Random rubbish had to show up again in the end somewhere.

All wise-cracking aside, it is important to understand that before you upload your required documents and click the submit button to process your PAN card application that you have your documents go through the Apostille certification process. This process certifies your documents recognizable as an official legal document in countries that accept the Apostille. Documents created in the United States, for example, may not hold the same requirements required by another country. Having your documents go through the Apostille certification process will help to prevent any delay in your PAN application. You can check your pan card status using the above links to see if your pan card application has been approved.

Once your documents proceed through the Apostille process, you will receive a certificate. This certificate will need to stay with your documents for proof of signature and seal authenticity. If you are holding a foreign passport and do not have an Oversees Citizenship of India card, Person of Indian Origin card or a Non-Resident Bank account, you will only have one requirement to meet. Your only requirement is to provide your proof of address. This proof will need to go through the Apostille certification process.

Five important words left for you to read. It is underlined and bold; you cannot miss ’em. Don’t forget your plastic PAN and remember your PAN card status. This little plastic card with the holographic government seal is your financial identity within the Republic of India. Don’t leave home without it.

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