Solved: Why Unable to Send SMS from Airtel or Receive SMS on Airtel

Why Unable to Send SMS from Airtel: Are you on Airtel connection and unable to send SMS? You are not alone with the issue. If you are troubled with the issue of Airtel SMS not working, the tips we share here should ideally be an excellent option to address the problems.

Let us check out the fixes for the issue you may be facing in terms of Airtel messages not sending and receiving.

unable to send sms from airtel

Why am I unable to send SMS from Airtel?

There can be several reasons that you may be facing the issue of Airtel SMS not working after sim change or otherwise. In fact, if you have recently changed or upgraded your Airtel SIM, you will not be able to send or receive SMS for a specific period of time.

The same issue can be observed if you have changed your operator to Airtel from another through the process of MNP. The problem will subside on its own, and you will be able to send the message after 48 hours.

Any other reason for Airtel SMS not working?

If you have not sent any message to any number for more than six months, Airtel can deactivate the SMS service on your number. If this is the issue in your case, you will be able to resolve the issue by calling your customer care service.

Check the customer care in your region and ask them to enable your SMS service. Once they activate the service, you may need to restart your phone and start sending your messages.

Yet another reason, if you find yourself facing the Airtel message not sending error, would be that the message center number on your device may be configured wrongly. Reconfiguring it can perhaps be able to address the issue and help you begin sending and receiving the messages without issues. However, configuring the message center number may be different on different devices.

Why I am Unable to Receive Any SMS Messages on Airtel

Reason 1: You might have activated DND Do Not Disturb Service on your Airtel Number

Reason 2: Message Memory is Full.

Reason 3: If you are a New Upgraded User of the same Network.

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